Call Me Obsessed

...but even when we have just completed a major renovation of our own, I'm still on the look out for great kitchen design ideas. Some solutions I find make me wonder why we didn't think of that ourselves, some are completely off putting (you know what I'm talking about), while others only serve to reinforce the choices we made on our own project. The following is a short list of what I would do again in a heartbeat:

  1. Open up a closed off kitchen - you'll truly make it the heart of your home
  2. Add a touch of classic beauty with a white arabesque tile back splash and Carrera marble countertops
  3. Install a bank of windows above the sink overlooking the yard and patio - talk about bringing the outdoors inside

Looking for more kitchen ideas? Here are 50 of them from the fabulous Ina Garten

Wishing you happy designing,

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